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We love working with open-minded veterinarians and business owners with a passion for naturally healing animals. Not only have the veterinarian offices and small businesses we work with been able to help a lot of furry friends, they've also been able to increase their overall profits by offering CBD products. Especially when they're one of the only or the first veterinarian office in the area offering these types of products.

Let us help and offer you a huge discount on our Pet CBD. 

If you're a vet or small business you can see more research on how CBD works at our CBD Research Library

Recommended uses include:

  • Support joint mobility
  • Support normal brain function
  • Help maintain normal GI health
  • Help keep your pet calm
When you chose to partner with Hemp Tail, you get:
  • BEST PRICES: All of our products are offered wholesale. We offer extremely low wholesale prices. 
  • LOW MINIMUM ORDERS: Minimum purchase price of $500. Choose any of our products to add up to $500+ (after the initial order you can email us for smaller re-orders) 
  • PRODUCT CONFIDENCE: Hemp Tail offers well-researched, quality CBD products and an award-winning customer service team you can actually call. 

How Does It Work? Simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Please create an account here

2. Email us your state resellers license and EIN number to wholesale@hemptail.com 

3. We will then convert your account to wholesale so you can view wholesale prices and be able to checkout 

 wholesale@hemptail.com / (877) 218-1611
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