CBD + Other Animals

Many know CBD is a great holistic alternative for indoor pets such as dogs and cats, but did you know farm animals and livestock can benefit from the use of natural CBD oils as well? In fact, many farmers are using more cost effective CBD to treat issues. 

How CBD Can Help Change Farming 

Today antibiotics are widely used to cure most alignments for livestock and farm animals. In fact, each year in America, farmers use more antibiotics for livestock than humans do. 

The issue with this is the overuse of antibiotics in farming can be dangerous to the ultimate consumer of the meat. Animals are slaughtered with high levels of antibiotics in their system and the antibiotics end up in the meat without the consumers’ knowledge. 

Traces of antibiotics have been found in grocery store meats such as beef and ground turkey. Unknowingly consuming antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance in the body which is the leading cause of the creation of new breeds of bacteria called superbugs. These superbugs cannot be treated through antibiotics. 

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Antibiotic resistance is known as one of the biggest public health challenges facing our generation. Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people develop an antibiotic-resistant infection, and at least 23,000 people die from this issue

CBD is being researched as a possible new alternative to the use of antibiotics in a lot of farm animals. CBD oils can be effective in treating livestock. Many ranchers are beginning to use CBD oil to treat basic illnesses as this prevents overuse of antibiotics and is considered the cheaper alternative. 

If you’re a farmer considering the natural alternative of CBD for your farm know CBD has been shown to treat a wide variety of issues from pain management to anxiety issues.  

Here’s How CBD Works in Large Animals

Just like humans, all animals have a unique system in their body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps to aid in the overall regulation of different functions including mental health and the immune system.

The body sends millions of little chemical messages to different receptors. These messages tell the system to perform basic functions from insulin release to pain sensors. 

The ECS uses chemical messages that can also be found in CBD. When livestock consumes a CBD oil the messages in CBD and cannabis help to slow the system. This helps the receptors keep from becoming overwhelmed, especially when an animal is sick or stressed. When the receptors become overwhelmed they can begin to misfire or miss messages completely. This can possibly cause all sorts of health issues within an animal. Using CBD helps boosts the body’s natural function.  

Here's a short video explaining more.

Unlike THC, CBD is considered the non-psychoactive part of cannabis or hemp plant. This means your large animals will not get high from CBD oils.

The benefits both humans and animals experience from the continuous use of CBD span far and wide. As more and more research is released the CBD industry is beginning to really take off and change lives. While much more research needs to be completed in the field of CBD treatments, here’s what we know so far about how this natural plant derived oil can change your large animal’s health. 

Each of these issues are typically treated through costly prescription medications that come with a slew of grim side-effects. 

Known Benefits to CBD:


CBD Oil Dosage for Large Animals

Since very little research has been conducted on dosage specifics for livestock and large animals it is extremely difficult to determine needs per animal. 
Using a higher concentrated, more potent CBD is best as the animal will need less to be effective. 
In fact, it is so unclear we here at Hemp Tail highly recommend you speak directly with your animal’s vet before choosing dosages for CBD. 

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