CBD + Dog

We here at Hemp Tail know you love your pup and would go to the ends of the earth to make him or her feel better. We also know you’d do anything to help your fur babies feel better, including paying expensive veterinarian bills and administering prescription medications. What if there was a faster, less costly way to help your beloved puppy? 

Hemp Tail is on the case! 

The research is everywhere these days so you’ve probably heard of CBD and the amazing medical potential being uncovered with this holistic treatment. You may be wondering if CBD can help your dog, and we have the answers you’re looking for. 

From easing anxiety to promoting positive overall health, the possibilities of CBD healing for are endless.

If you’re asking what types of pet CBD products exist for dogs or what doses your pup needs keep reading. Learn how CBD can help your four-legged family members below. 

Understanding How Pet CBD Works 

Just like humans, dogs have a unique system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps to regulate a variety of functions including pain, appetite, mood, sleep, nausea, and the immune system. 

Our bodies, and our furry friends’ bodies, send chemical messages called neurotransmitters. These messages tell the body how to function. CBD are unique chemical messages called cannabinoids, which help to slow the send of neurotransmitters. This helps to regulate you and your pet’s health because sometimes receptors throughout the body which transmit the messages become overwhelmed and misfire or miss messages completely. Think of it as taking a natural vitamin like a B-complex or vitamin C. You are helping the body's natural functions. 

Here's a short video explaining more.

Unlike other cannabinoids such as THC, CBD is the non-psychoactive part of cannabis or hemp plants. This means your puppy dog will not be getting high from taking natural CBD. 

Types of CBD Products for Dogs 

Today a large variety of CBD pet products are available for dogs in all sorts of consumption methods, flavors, shapes and dosages. We highly recommend pet parents new to CBD treatments try a variety of these products to really determine which works best for their pup. 

We hate to see a dog who could have been helped suffer because the right product or dosage was never discovered. Just like with prescription medications it can take some time and dedication to find the right product. 

Top 3 Types of CBD Products for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs: ​By far the most popular and widely available CBD product for pets is CBD oil. This is a liquid concentrate of CBD dog oil. This typically comes with a easy-to-use dropper. CBD oil for dogs allows you to fully control every little drop so it’s perfect for exact doses. We’ll share more on specific CBD doses in a bit. 

Dog CBD oil comes in a variety of flavors and milligrams/strengths. 

CBD Spray for Dogs: ​Pet sprays made with CBD are perfect for traveling with your pet and are extremely easy to use. It just takes a few seconds and works quickly. Pet CBD sprays usually come in different formulas which are usually used to target specific medical issues like anxiety or pain management.  

CBD Treats for Dogs: ​Treats every day? Your pup will love you even more! Especially if those treats are meat-based tasty little nuggets that make him or her feel better or more calm. Dog treats are a fantastic place to start CBD healing as you can measure the exact dosage of CBD. CBD dog treats are also great low-stress way of introducing CBD to your dog’s diet.  

The amazing health benefits of CBD oil for dogs is comparable to the same health benefits found in humans. More research is beginning to surface showing all of the possible benefits of CBD for all animals. Because of this pet owners everywhere are turning to CBD and revealing huge results. 

How Can CBD Help Your Pup? 


Mental health is one of the largest benefits researched to date pertaining to CBD oil in both humans and animals. CBD for pet anxiety has become so prominent in recent years veterinarians have begun prescribing it over side-effect heavy prescription medications.

Hemp CBD is being used to aid pets suffering from different stressors such as separation, weather related or travel anxiety.  


Some dog owners may not know that CBD oil has been researched for its role in managing all types of pain from mild to severe. Many pets owners love using CBD pet treats to help infuse hemp CBD into their pets diets. Treats and less pain would make you the best pup mom ever. 

Pet CBD aids in supporting many pain-related symptoms through: 

  • Supporting nerve-related pain & nephropathy pain 
  • Aiding the inflammation on oxidative stress 
  • Promoting intestinal inflammation 
  • Helping the pain that arises from inflammation 

Pet owners who use CBD for their dogs have not reported any side-effects which is wonderful considering the major side effects associated with typical prescribed pain medications. 


While more research is needed, many believe CBD may help prevent and even stop seizures in both humans and pets alike. If you have a dog that suffers from frequent seizures, you will most likely be prescribed medications such as phenobarbital or potassium bromide.

These medications treat seizures but have been known to harm to the liver or other vital organs and aren’t guaranteed to work. Ask your vet and stay on-top of the latest research about how using a high dosage CBD oil can help. 


CBD products might also aid with your dog’s heart health by: 

  • Supporting damaged blood vessels 
  • Aiding irregular heart beat
  • Helping to maintain a normal heart rate through relaxation 


Many factors such as old age or cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can cause dogs to deal with severe nausea and a general loss of appetite. This leaves your puppy more weak and susceptible to illness.  

Many studies reveal CBD based natural products can help improve your pet’s overall health and wellness including appetite and slowing/stopping nausea.


Seasonal allergies can affect your pet. Allergies can sometimes change how your dog acts leaving him/her lethargic and moody. CBD is the perfect all-natural remedy to help prevent or stop allergy attacks. Pet owners everywhere are finding success using CBD for their pet’s allergies. 

CBD for dogs may help your pup cope with allergies without all of the nasty side effects known from other medications.  

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs  

Studies are showing CBD is incredibly safe for both human and animal consumption. However, experts are still working to determine the exact dosage needed per dog breed as dog’s in particular come in such a huge variety of sizes. 

Today most veterinarians recommend choosing the dosage primarily by the weight of your dog. Here's a top video from YouTube explaining.


Even though CBD for pets is extremely safe, we always recommend starting off slow when introducing a new supplement to your dog.

For basic wellness/anxiety use begin with 2-5 mgs daily.

For severe pain, seizures or chronic illnesses begin with 4-7 mgs daily. 

Or start with half the recommended dosage on a particular product then gradually work your way up to the recommended amount adjusting every two to three days.

Again, do NOT give up if it seems like nothing is happening. It can take up to 30 days for a new supplement to fully begin working and the benefits of CBD in particular are known to be compounding, meaning they strengthen over time with more use. 

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