Hemp Tail CBD Success Stories: Katniss

About Katniss: I adopted her from a feral cat rescue when she was only 8 weeks old in 2013. I was going through a really hard time in my life and she quickly became my best friend. 

Why Hemp CBD? Katniss first began having asthma attacks around age three. She would wheeze then cough then puke. It was terrifying. It got worse so we went to the vet.  

She hated every single trip to the vet. It was awful having to put her through that. I'm so thankful for hemp CBD! 

Also, she has a lot of fine hair so digestion has always been an issue. And unfortunately, my job requires a lot of travel which stresses her out to the point of super-shedding/panic attacks sometimes for the first few hours.

The last year we did the medications the vet gave her, but she wasn't herself. We had a shot for the asthma attacks and a shot for the anxiety. We stopped due to ridiculous prices and honestly, I didn't like the low energy she had. I didn't like fighting her to take it. We both hated it. It just didn't feel natural. 

Why Hemp Tail CBD Pet Products?

I read a bunch of stuff online and was super suspicious of pet supplements. I found Hemp Tail CBD on Instagram eight months ago. I liked them because their formulas had research and they actually had a person I could call. I talked to Natalie on the phone and he answered all of my questions. She also sent me a bunch of studies to help calm all of my fears. I ordered both the CBD pet treats and  CBD pet spray that day and I'm so happy I did.

Real Hemp CBD. Real Results.

I noticed a difference instantly. She was calm without being lazy. She took it for two weeks before her next round of shots was due. She seemed better so I decided to push the shots a week thinking the wheezing would come back in time. 

It's been seven months since Katniss's last shot! We were both so happy! So much relief! 

Katniss's Hemp CBD Routine: 

  • First thing in the morning she gets a special 1/4 cup of fresh water with 3 drops Hemp Tail Pet Drops
  • Then, we do 2 tbs of a natural grain-free wet food.
  • In the afternoons after playtime, she gets a cup of high protein dry food. (Can't wait for Hemp Tail to come out with a grain-free CBD cat food!). 
  • If we are traveling I give her four sprays of the Hemp CBD Anti-Stress Spray 30 minutes before departure and she's good. 

Would You Recommend Hemp Tail Pet CBD to Friends?

Honestly, I would recommend it to my enemies too because no one should have to go through the stress we did with her health issues. I was so scared and was so over wasted money and having a sad little kitty. Katniss and I can't thank you enough Hemp Tail! 

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