CBD Pet Dosage Guide

When it comes to your pet, you’d do anything for them.

That’s why when they’re in pain and discomfort, relieving that is of your top priority. Using Hemp Tail CBD oil to aid in the wellness of your pet has been proven highly effective and a more natural solution.

However, finding the right dosage with CBD oil can be a little confusing. You might worry if you’re giving your pet too much. Or you might ask yourself if you’re not dosing them enough.

I have had both thoughts cross my mind and it can be pretty discouraging.

In this article, I’m going to share some basic tips on CBD dosing for pets.

Things to Consider When Giving Your Pet CBD

One of the main factors influencing the dosage of CBD products is the type of product you use.

At Hemp Tail we offer a wide selection of CBD products for your furry loved one that includes CBD Spray, CBD Dog Treats, and CBD Cat Treats. Dosing with these various products is quite simple and further instructions are found on the labels of each product. 

Hemp Tail Pet Oils are easy to use. Simply add to your pet's food and watch them gobble it up! Similarly, Hemp Tail CBD Pet Oils can be sprayed on your pet’s joints and therapeutically massaged in for instant relief. You may notice your pet accepts this as part of their daily routine and look forward to it!

Another major factor influencing dosage is your pet’s size.

CBD is not a one-size-fits-all product for your dog, various factors such as weight and the type of product you use help determine how much CBD you must use with selecting the proper dosage of CBD for your dog.

More CBD oil for dogs is required for larger breeds. Yet, how much of a dosage do I give my smaller or medium size pet? No wonder pet lovers have so much fear when trying to figure out the perfect dosage for their pets.

Hemp Tail understands your frustration! So, we wanted to simplify things a little and decided to form a chart you can refer to when using our pure CBD oil.


How much dosage of pure CBD oil should I give my pet? 

Pure Hemp CBD Pet Dosage

Calculating Pet CBD Dosage

  • For a small pet weighing 1-20 lbs, use 1mg-4mg in the morning with breakfast and then 1-4mg again at dinner.
  • If you have a medium size fury friend weighing 21-40 lbs, give them 2mg-8mg with their breakfast and 2mg-8mg at dinner.
  • For larger breeds weighing from 41-100 lbs, have them take 4mg-20mg. Once, with breakfast, and then 4mg-20mg, again, at their dinner time.

 Calculating Pet CBD Dosage For Pets With More Discomfort

  • For a small pet weighing 1-20 lbs, you can up the dose, using 4mg-8mg twice daily.
  • For medium-sized pets weighing 21-40 lbs, up the dose to 8mg-16mg, twice daily.
  • For larger breeds weighing from 41-100 lbs, give them a dose of 16mg-40mg, two times a day.

If your little buddy has trouble taking pure CBD oil and is experiencing more discomfort than usual, you can increase the dose by giving them Hemp Tail Dog Treats or Hemp Tail Cat Treats. Hemp Tail CBD treats provide you an awesome serving size suggestion that squashes any confusion you may have for dosing.

Do you feel like your head is going to explode? Let’s ease the tension…

In conclusion, CBD has no known toxic level and is considered incapable of causing an “overdose.” Now that you have all the knowledge when it comes to pet CBD dosage, you can rest assured that pets will be safe no matter what when it comes to Hemp Tail CBD pet products.

Pure Hemp CBD for Pets

Remember, these are only basic guidelines and may change depending on the size of your pet, their condition, and the type/brand of the product you use. When it comes to CBD for your pet let us know how your journey goes and make sure to let readers know by leaving a comment.

Sending lots of love to you and your pets,

Hemp Tail Team

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